Innothane® Liquid Urethane for Oil, Gas, and Mining

Innotuf® liquid urethanes are designed to meet rigorous performance specifications demanded by industrial plastic users.  The Innotuf® HP Series product lines, HP-1000 & HP-2100, are perfectly suited for oil, gas, and mining applications due to their excellent dimension stability and resistance to wear, abrasion, cutting, and gouging.

Innotuf® HP-1000 Series materials are formulated to resist oil and chemicals.InnoTuf® HP-1000 Series Liquid Urethane Plastic Pipeline Pig These materials should be cast at elevated temperatures.

Innotuf® HP-2100 Series materials are formulated to resist moisture. These materials can be cast at room temperature or elevated temperatures.

Innotuf® HP Series liquid urethanes produce goods such as: cleaning pigs; inspection pigs; pipelay rollers; mandrel pigs; mandrel pig spacers; stripper rubbers; chutes; centrifuge cones; hammer cushions; vibrator screen supports; nozzles; scraper blades; pipe coatings; and classification screens. UV stability packages and color matching services are also available.

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Innothane® Case Histories For Mining and Petroleum :: Pipeline Pigging

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