Innothane® Liquid Urethane Plastics for Medical Use

With their versatile range of performance properties, today’s advanced thermoset polyurethanes are being used for an ever-growing variety of medical applications including equipment housings, device components, anatomical models and educational training aids.  The materials are economical, easy to process, and generate durable and aesthetically attractive parts.  Water clear, flame retardant, flexible to rigid, and heat resistant capabilities further expand the suitability of polyurethanes for use in the medical market.

Our Innothane® product line includes a variety of systems that are proven performers for medical applications. Shore A and Shore D hardness materials feature easy-to-process low viscosities for molding thick or thin-walled parts and for casting over threaded and hinged inserts. In addition, we specialize in color matching materials to customer requirements to ensure that multi-piece housing assemblies have a consistent, high-quality appearance.

Among the Innothane® liquid urethanes frequently used for medical projects are:

InnoTuf® TP Series Liquid Urethanes simulate polypropylene, TPO and ABS thermoplastics that combine ultra-high impact strength and high heat resistance.

RapidCast™ RC Series Liquid Urethanes are formulated for automated meter/mix dispensing to quickly produce prototypes and initial parts with high flexural modulus and high heat resistance.

Inno-FR™ Flame Retardant Liquid Urethanes meet UL 94 V-O requirements, with several of the polyurethanes having gone through Yellow Card certification at United Laboratories (UL).

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