Innothane® Liquid Urethanes For Military & Defense Use

Only the most durable polyurethanes are selected for military applications.  Preferred polymers include liquid plasic casting resins and foams that exhibit a variety of properties such as dimensional accuracy and stability, impact resistance, hydrophobicity and good insulating abilities.  Applications among these urethane liquid resins include molding protective cases and housings, insulating electronics, casting strong and resilient training aids, forming shipping nests and padding, and producing sound- and vibration-dampened vehicle panels.

Innothane® liquid urethanes, formulated to perform in tough applications for all branches of the Armed Services, include:

IE Series™ Shore A Liquid Urethanes are low viscosity, easy to handle urethane systems that produce flexible, elastomeric parts with good tear strength.

InnoTuf® HP Series Liquid Urethanes are available in varying Shore A and Shore D hardnesses. Formulated to withstand exposure to gouging, cutting, chemicals, solvents and water, these durable materials exhibit incredible abrasion resistance and dimensional stability.

InnoTuf® TP Series Liquid Urethanes exhibit TPO- and ABS-like characteristics. These systems create ultra-tough plastic goods that feature various combinations of high impact strength, high heat resistance, flame retardance and high flexural modulus properties.

Polyurethane Foams include soft 9 lb. density materials for protective padding as well as more rigid, 4-6 lb. density polyurethanes that are ideal for sound and vibration reduction.

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