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For over 25 years, Innothane® liquid urethanes have been the products of choice for casting initial prototypes. As the performance characteristics of Innothane® materials improved over time, designers began to build functional prototypes for engineering testing and evaluation using thermoplastic-like polyurethanes such as:

IE Series™ Shore A Liquid Urethanes gel in less than 30 minutes. After a room-temperature cure, the materials exhibit good tear strength of up to 300 pli and elongation as high as 520%.

IE Series™ Shore D Liquid Urethanes are low viscosity systems that have gel times ranging from three to 25 minutes.  The cured materials simulate thermoplastics including polypropylene and ABS with good tensile strength and flexural modulus values ranging from 45,000 psi to 420,000 psi.  Many of the products are color matchable.

RapidCastRC Series Liquid Urethanes are formulated for automated meter-mix dispensing to accommodate <60 second gel times. Prototypes cast from the RapidCast™ RC Series simulate engineering thermoplastics with excellent flexural modulus values (180,000 psi to 450,000 psi) and high temperature performance (up to 320ºF/ 160ºC) depending on the system selected.

InnoTuf® TP Series Liquid Urethanes are easy to handle with gel times from seven to 15 minutes at room temperature and cure times of less than seven hours at 77ºF (25ºC). Cured parts built from the materials are strong, combining flexural modulus properties up to 325,000 psi with notched Izod impact strengths of up to 6.5 ft-lb/in and heat deflection temperatures of up to 346ºF (174ºC).

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