Innovative Polymers supports customers with a variety of “accessory” materials and equipment used in rapid prototyping and part production. Among these products are:

  • Pigments are available from Innovative Polymers in a full range of opaque colors and transparent tints. We also specialize in color matching services.
  • Release Agents available from Innovative Polymers include paste wax for hand application and aerosol silicone for spray application.
  • Dessicant Cartridges are supplied for drying meter/mix dispensing equipment and 55-gallon drum vents.
  • DP-400 Cartridge Dispensing System is designed for fast, waste-free dispensing of a variety of polyurethanes in the Innovative Polymers product line including Rapid Cast, Fast Cure and High Performance Polyurethanes. The DS-400 System is comprised of a lightweight, hand-held pneumatic gun, 400 ml cartridges in either 1:1 or 2:1 resin:hardener configurations, and static mix nozzles. Customers can then purchase economical, large containers of polyurethane resin and hardener and fill cartridges with the required amount of material for a project. Benefits of cartridge use include precise ratio control and convenient application without incurring the cost of pre-packaged cartridges. Innovative Polymers can recommend third party packaging specialists to customers who require that service.
  • VS-1000 Vacuum De-Gassing Equipment is a compact system for easy degassing of polyurethanes before injection into a mold to eliminate air bubbles and prevent voids in the final casting. The equipment is comprised of a vacuum chamber with clear acrylic top and pump installed on a mobile cart for easy movement around the shop. The cart also has room for weighing and mixing as well as a small storage area.
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