Vehicle Components Created With Liquid Urethane Plastic

Vehicle Components Tough Enough for Grand Canyon Tours
Built with Advanced Crosslinked Polyurethane

All-terrain vehicles used by Pink Jeep Tours Sedona to provide customers with a unique Grand Canyon Experience are specially designed and custom-built to combine off-road performance with passenger comfort. The hot pink-colored Tour Trekkers that hold 10 passengers have large vista windows for enhanced scenic views. Four-wheel drive vehicles are constructed on a heavy-duty, commercial-grade frame and feature durable grilles, fender flairs and bumper covers molded from a new generation polyurethane formulated using advanced crosslinked technologies from Innovative Polymers, Inc., Saint Johns, Mich. The TP-4004 system was selected by Prefix Corporation, which built the Trekker passenger compartments, because the TPO-like polyurethane is ultra-tough and capable of withstanding travel on rugged trails as well as the temperature extremes that characterize the Canyon. It is also easy to process even on large vehicle parts.

Prefix produces Tour Trekker components in molds machined from tooling board that have silicone rubber inserts in undercut areas to facilitate demolding of the dimensionally complex parts. The advanced Innovative Polymers TP-4004 polyurethane used for the project has a convenient 2:1 resin:hardener mix ratio by weight, a pourable viscosity of 2,100 cP and gel time of approximately 12 minutes at room temperature. Parts can be demolded after one hour at 150ºF (66ºC). Once cured, the high-performance material combines a flexural modulus of 115,000 psi, notched Izod impact strength of 6.0 ft. lbs./in., heat deflection temperature of 207ºF (97ºC) and Shore 60+5D hardness.

Innovative Polymers TP-4004 polyurethane is part of a full family of materials designed for production of parts that simulate ABS, polycarbonate, TPO and other engineering thermoplastics. In addition to performing in challenging environments like the Grand Canyon, the Innovative Polymers polyurethanes are well suited for use in modeling, prototyping and short-run production of automotive instrument panels and under-the-hood parts, medical and equipment housings and consumer electronics components.

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