greenwingPreservation Specialties, like many other top-quality taxidermy studios, creates true-to-life, artistic pieces from many of its subjects.  Recently, a customer asked that the Green-winged Teal Duck he had shot be preserved and installed in a realistic habitat as part of the display piece.

A series of different polyurethanes was used for the project:

Mannequin:  FM-2045 rigid, 4-5 pound open-cell polyurethane foam was used for the body.  The foam was cast in a silicone rubber mold that that had been prepared from the duck’s carcass.

Skull:  IE-3030 white polyurethane was used to mold the head.  The product has a low viscosity that is easy to cast and cures quickly to produce tough, long-lasting parts.

Body and head:   The polyurethane carcass was completed with the addition of the Teal’s colorful skin.  Preservation Specialties’ Stay-Put™ Hide Paste Extreme was used as the adhesive.

Legs and feet:  Each of the duck’s legs and feet was molded in silicone rubber molds from an original carcass.  IE-90A polyurethane was the material of choice for these parts because it is strong enough to retain the needed detail and dimensional accuracy even in the thin webbed sections of the feet.

Eyes:  Glass eyes for the Green-winged Teal were purchased.

Water:  IE-72DC water clear polyurethane was used to achieve a very high quality, transparent effect for the pond.

Lily pads: IE-90A polyurethane was selected to reproduce natural-looking lily pad leaves that, like the duck’s feet, had to maintain their shape and delicate appearance over time

The final Green-winged Teal measures approximately ten inches from beak to tail; the piece of art is 12 inches x 14 inches overall.

RAMPF acquires US company Innovative Polymers, Inc.

Further expansion of product offering for tooling and modelling in NAFTA markets

Grafenberg, July 1, 2016. RAMPF has acquired the US COMPANY INNOVATIVE POLYMERS, INC., a provider of technologically advanced polyurethanes for tooling and modelling applications. With this acquisition, RAMPF is set to further expand its range of products in the NAFTA markets.

Innovative Polymers, Inc. will be integrated into RAMPF’s North American subsidiary RAMPF GROUP, INC., which offers RAKU-PUR® modeling and styling boards, Close Contour castings, blocks and pastes, as well as liquid systems on the NAFTA markets since 2003. » Continue reading

Innovative Offers Two New Tools to Improve Your Project’s Success

Innovative has developed two new ways to access instant help when using our materials to create your polyurethane projects. One is a Processing Guide which includes many tips that will help you avoid making common mistakes and the other is an introductory step-by-step casting video. We believe you will find a great benefit in viewing both resources before attempting your next project.

Innovative Polymers Upgrades Family of High-performance Polyurethanes

The InnoTuf® HP-2100 family of ultra-durable, room-temperature processable polyurethanes has been expanded to better serve customer and industry requirements. As with all Innovative Polymers' products, InnoTuf® formulations are mercury-free and contain neither MOCA nor free-TDI. » Read more

Rock Candy Chooses Polyurethane For Climbing Holds

With more than 7.8 million participants* in the U.S., recreational climbing on artificial indoor walls, in recent years, has surpassed outdoor climbing and become a recognized sport with nationwide and international competitions, publications and even a “lingo” unique to wall climbing enthusiasts. To support enthusiasts’ ever-growing demand for varied climbing experiences, manufacturers are producing walls with larger and more challenging surfaces, routes and holds.. » Read more

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Innovative Polymers specializes in providing technologically advanced polyurethanes for the toughest applications. Our technical support team welcomes the opportunity to partner with our customers in solving processing and performance challenges. If an existing product doesn’t meet project requirements our... » Read More

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