Innovative Polymers Upgrades Family of High-performance Polyurethanes

hp-lidsThe InnoTuf® HP-2100 family of ultra-durable, room-temperature processable polyurethanes has been expanded to better serve customer and industry requirements.  As with all Innovative Polymers’ products, InnoTuf® formulations are mercury-free and contain neither MOCA nor free-TDI.

Tough HP-2100 series polyurethanes are specially designed to resist gouging and cutting and exhibit good moisture resistance.  The high-performance materials are ideal for forming protective linings on parts such as metal chutes, screens, pumps and valve bodies.  The InnoTuf® systems are also well suited for casting impellers as well as load-bearing conveyor rollers and flexographic printing rollers.

The additions to Innovative Polymers’ HP-2100 line of materials include:

    • Three light-amber colored polyether polyol/polyurea hybrid elastomers with Shore A hardnesses from 20+/-5 to 40+/-5.  The products offer high elongation (500%) and good tear strength.
    • Three amber-colored ultra-tough polyether polyol/polyurea hybrid elastomers with Shore D 50+/-5 to 70+/-5 hardnesses. The polyurethanes exhibit tensile strengths up to 5,000 psi and tear strengths from 420 to 800 pli.  Two of the Shore D systems have taber abrasion values of 31-32 mg loss; one has a taber abrasion of 50 mg. loss.

Products in Innovative Polymers’ HP-2100 family of polyurethanes cure in less than 25 minutes at 77˚F; all but one can be demolded after six hours at room temperature or less, depending on specific system and mass of the cast part.  The products cure at room-temperature or with a combination of 24-72 hours at room temperature plus 5 hours at 150˚F.

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