New Innothane® Liquid Urethane Produces Ultra-Durable Material for Pipeline Pigs

Innovative Polymers has introduced a polyurethane that is tough enough to more than double the service life of the cups and discs used on metal mandrel pipeline pigs used by companies involved in the natural gas and oil-field services industry. A long-time market leader in high-performance polyurethanes, Innovative Polymers developed the new product specifically for manufacturers of hydrostatic testing and maintenance/cleaning pigs.

The Methylene diphenyl diisocyanate (MDI) ester-based polyurethane, known as InnoTuf® HP-1085A, features a low viscosity for easy mixing and can be processed and cured at temperatures significantly lower than required by traditional thermoset prepolymers.  The polyurethane can be molded in low-cost epoxy tooling that provides for fast production of molds for the broad variety of sizes and contours needed natural gas and oil-field pigs and other components.

Cured InnoTuf® HP-1085A polyurethane features good dimensional and UV stability, outstanding wear/cut/gouge and abrasion resistance, and excellent oil and chemical resistance. 

High elongation, high tensile strength pigs molded with the advanced polyurethane maintain a reliable seal inside pipelines from six to 36 inches in diameter and lengths of up to 60 miles.


In the past, many of the polyurethanes used by pig manufacturers were solid, Toluene diisocyanate–based (TDI), "hot pour" systems that called for casting and curing at temperatures above 210°F (99°C). By contrast, the new MDI-based polyurethane is a liquid that can be mixed and handled at temperatures of around 100°F (39°C) and cures at 150ºF (66°C).

Performance Properties

Key features of InnoTuf® HP-1085A polyurethane include:

  • Energy/cost saving manufacturing at temperatures between 100°F and 150°F (39°C and 66°C)
  • Extremely low Taber Abrasion loss values ranging from 4-25 mg
  • Good stiffness to maintain structural integrity and shape during use
  • High elongation of 660 to 800%
  • High tear strength of 130 to 325 pli

With this combination of characteristics, Innovative Polymers’ tough new polyurethane is a natural choice for pig manufacturers seeking to enhance the reliability of their products in the challenging gas and oilfield environment.

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