IE-9000 Series | Urethanes for Moldmaking

Now available is the IE-9000 Series, a new line of InnoTooling™ urethane liquid tooling resins formulated specifically for the casting of durable, dimensionally stable tools.

The IE-9000 series of polyurethanes features performance properties including:

  • Extended gel time for use on large master models and molds.
  • Low shrink, even for mold volumes of 20 lbs. per casting.
  • Light amber, translucent color that facilitates visual examination of material flow and evacuation of trapped air as tools are cast.
  • Long-term color and translucence stability resulting from the use of an aliphatic resin system.
  • Excellent dimensional accuracy and stability.
  • Range of hardness values that allows toolmakers to select a system that will yield molds flexible enough for easy part removal.

Typical Physical Properties of IE-9000 Polyurethane Systems

 Shore HardnessTensile Strength% ElongationTear Strength
IE-9080 80A 1,150 psi 200% 150 pli
IE-9040 40D 1,975 psi 165% 270 pli
IE-9060 60D 3,250 psi 250% 550 pli
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