Product Testimonials

See what our customers are saying about Innovative Polymers' products!

"We tested many different materials with a Shore hardness in the 65 to 75D range before selecting IE-3025. Innovative Polymers' polyurethanes are formulated without chemicals such as mercury, MOCA or TDI and are easy to work with even in producing holds with complex contours and intricate details. The system we use also produces cured holds that combine toughness and rigidity to resist edge breakage and chipping.”

--- Nathan Yokum, Owner of Rock Candy Holds

"Innovative Polymers' urethane produces dimensionally precise parts so that component seam lines meet every time. Our molds are ‘right on’ and the low-shrink material is accurate even when cast in mass."

--- Jared Megleo, President of Industrial Modern Pattern & Mold

"To achieve the presentation-quality needed for our anatomical models, we work closely with polyurethane supplier Innovative Polymers. Their chemists and our experienced modelmakers work together allowing us to tailor and customize models at very high level.”

--- Jeff Maki, President of Models Plus

"We discovered a new artistic medium with the fine-art quality of Innovative Polymers polyurethanes. The highly controllable properties of the products supported our ability to express our project's creative concept."

--- Gerhard Baut, Artistic Director of The Baut Studios

"We have found that Innovative Polymers polyurethanes support our ability to quickly produce high quality housings for the ever growing variety of new camera models that are being introduced to the market. The Innovative Polymers materials that we use also offer a variety of benefits for photographers."

--- Keith Loson, President of Ocean Images

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