Getting Started with Innothane® Liquid Urethanes

Innovative Polymers is the proud maker of Innothane® materials--- two-component, liquid urethane systems used for making high end plastic parts, coatings, encapsulations, and structures.  

Listed on the left side of our website, Innothane® liquid urethanes exhibit a broad range of handling, curing and performance properties to meet the needs of virtually any application.  Innovative Polymers chemists also have the expertise to formulate custom systems and color matched materials.  In addition, our dedicated technical support team is on-call to help customers solve their toughest casting challenges.

Fast response to customer needs is our priority. We maintain a flexible production schedule that accommodates shipping of most orders on a same-day or next-day basis.

Need technical assistance? Our service team is on-call and ready to help!

 Contact us toll free at 800.340.4563, or via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .   

 Inno-FR™ Flame Retardant Urethanes

"FX Series"

Inno-FR™ urethane resins make durable, fire resistant goods that serve the most demanding day-to-day applications, including medical devices, equipment housings, automotive components and electronic parts.

InnoTuf® Impact Resistant Urethanes

"TP Series"

Based on advanced crosslinked technologies, InnoTuf® TP Series liquid urethanes combine ultra-high impact strengths and high heat deflection temperatures with good flexural properties.

InnoTuf® Abrasion Resistant Urethanes

"HP Series"

InnoTuf® HP Series liquid urethanes exhibit outstanding dimensional stability plus excellent resistance to abrasion, cutting, gouging, chemicals, oil, water, and solvents.

InnoClear™ Optically Clear Urethanes

"OC Series"

InnoClear™ OC Series liquid plastics produce stunningly clear urethane goods. Depending on the requirements of the application, the materials can be fast cast with automated meter mix dispensing equipment, vacuum cast or hand poured.

 RapidCast™ Urethanes

"RC Series"


RapidCast™ RC Series systems gel within 120 seconds or less, allowing for quick creation of useful parts that can be demolded within 5 to 30 minutes.

IE Series Urethanes

Shore A Elastomers :: Shore D Rigids 

Classic IE-3000 Series Rigid Liquid Urethane Plastic Aquariums Corel Reef Themed Environment

IE Series liquid urethanes are simple-to-use, low viscosity casting resins with hardnesses ranging from Shore 10A to Shore 80D. These materials  remain one of our most popular, meeting and exceeding the physical requirements for countless applications seen worldwide. 

 Urethane Foams

"FM Series"

FM Series foams range from soft and flexible with 9 lb. densities, to rigid 4-6 lb. density systems. They are used for applications as diverse as automotive interior parts, military training aids, taxidermy cores and theme park ride restraints.


Product Testimonials

See what our customers are saying about Innovative Polymers' products!

"We tested many different materials with a Shore hardness in the 65 to 75D range before selecting IE-3025. Innovative Polymers' polyurethanes are formulated without chemicals such as mercury, MOCA or TDI and are easy to work with even in producing holds with complex contours and intricate details. The system we use also produces cured holds that combine toughness and rigidity to resist edge breakage and chipping.”

--- Nathan Yokum, Owner of Rock Candy Holds

"Innovative Polymers' urethane produces dimensionally precise parts so that component seam lines meet every time. Our molds are ‘right on’ and the low-shrink material is accurate even when cast in mass."

--- Jared Megleo, President of Industrial Modern Pattern & Mold

"To achieve the presentation-quality needed for our anatomical models, we work closely with polyurethane supplier Innovative Polymers. Their chemists and our experienced modelmakers work together allowing us to tailor and customize models at very high level.”

--- Jeff Maki, President of Models Plus

"We discovered a new artistic medium with the fine-art quality of Innovative Polymers polyurethanes. The highly controllable properties of the products supported our ability to express our project's creative concept."

--- Gerhard Baut, Artistic Director of The Baut Studios

"We have found that Innovative Polymers polyurethanes support our ability to quickly produce high quality housings for the ever growing variety of new camera models that are being introduced to the market. The Innovative Polymers materials that we use also offer a variety of benefits for photographers."

--- Keith Loson, President of Ocean Images

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